Way before the Law of Attraction became a thing and every self-help book implored the practice, a book called "Three Magic Words" was published. In it, Andersen explains the power of the subconscious mind, and how it can be reprogrammed to give access to your ideal self.

If you are wondering what is the subconscious—imagine it as a computer hard drive. It is constantly absorbing information. What we feed it comes from whatever captures our attention—the subconscious stores data and our personality filters through it, keeping what it deems as important, discarding the rest.

The subconscious mind "filters" our thoughts and reinforces the ones we think most often. The successful mind knows we are given a choice: embrace a mindset of failure...or one of success. 

We also have an unconscious mind, which handles survival instincts. Primal stuff, like eating, sleeping, fighting or running away. And between both minds, humanity does its best to avoid dangerous situations. Fears we have are a result of witnessing danger, or seeing it on-screen, or hearing about it from others (rumors). As a result, most folks avoid ideas that may pull them out of a comfort zone, and it doesn't mean that zone is healthy or will lead to wealth and/or success. It's simply familiar and comfortable. To break orbit from this requires a shift of mind; to pursue courageous ideas like starting a new business, and getting the financing you need to bring your powerful idea to life.

Those who have failed and given up will tell you it is not worth the risk. Those who succeeded likely failed a thousand times before striking gold after deciding not to give up. The successful mind knows with each decision we have a choice: embrace a mindset of failure...or one of success.

Fear is an investment in a story that encourages you to stay exactly where you are expected to be, to remain in a comfort zone. The zone is learned, and it is not necessarily healthy for mind, body and career.

Fear hacks away at our success mindset and well-being, if we allow it.

Here's an exercise to help break orbit:

Listen to what you're really hearing from others.  The moment someone tells you that you can't do something or that you will fail, put the proverbial cotton in your ears. Assure yourself: you know your idea is one that works. You know that your business plan is a success. Keep the focus on that mindset; be aware of how this affects you, and then be grateful once you are succeeding against all odds, and try to capture the feeling; bathing in it; seeing yourself in that present moment, knowing you have made it. Soak it in. This is a very important feeling. Go to it whenever you are presented with doubts from those who choose comfort zone over progress. Be assertive yet cordial: don't believe the rhetoric. Teach your mind to think the opposite everytime someone interferes with your success mindset. Recognize fears and doubts as the mindset of poverty. Even with a boost of cash—when you have the fuel to make it to the finish line, if you think about failure more than success, you stifling your potential.

A person with the success mindset will congratulate you when you succeed because they know what it's like to fail. They recognize you as one of the fighters who never gives up. So...

If you have the will to take a risk for the sake of betterment, congratulations, you are courageous and powerful. A lot work has already been done in order to get you to that point. All dreams must first be born from thought.

So, what's the next big dream for you?