Those with unemployment benefits felt relief when President Trump said that he would be offering $400 per week to Americans, understanding the concerns with the CARES Act closing. Still, we are talking about a decrease in benefits by one-third.

There’s more to it. This $400 per week benefit does not apply to over 1.5 million Americans. If your unemployment benefits are less than $100 per week, you are not eligible. Many states are not on board to cover 25% of the costs, as they are also paying out unemployment benefits.

This will deeply affect those who are counting on the extra funds to get through these times. We are talking about 6% of unemployed individuals will now be without any Federal supports.

This isn’t speculation and it isn’t fiction, even though less than a year ago we would all laugh if someone were to predict where we would be---that COVID-19 would arrive and change the very face of the planet and the way it operates. The bottom line is that this is not the time to wait, and just hang back to see what the government is going to decide next about your life and your rights.

They have already taken your freedom to peaceably assemble. They have obstructed your right to breathe freely. They decide whether you can leave your home, and what time it is safe to do so. These are freedoms that our ancestors fought for when they established America, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, yet we are indifferent to the changes and they are rolling in their graves. The vice is squeezing and for now, because we can still “kind of” breathe---it’s seen as tolerable.

We the People have gotten through horrible pandemics in the past, like malaria, measles, mumps and rubella, but during these times, the government hadn’t gone so far as to restrict our constitutional rights as they are doing now. And so, you should ask yourself: Why am I trusting a system to sustain my well-being when at the same time, my rights are being taken away?

Bottom line: State and Federal supports are dwindling.

What happens when there is no more money for food? Rent? When payments are late? We are being told that quarantine is going to continue until November, which is the start of flu season. Be aware of the real factors and proactively take care of yourself and your family.

Think about how you would feel if you received supports now and had time to prepare for these situations. That’s why we reach out. So that you know you have someone you can count on to get you through this. There is no waiting until the end of the month to see what the government is going to decide, where they will hopefully deposit funds into your bank account when you’re counting on them now.

Moneda gives you the fuel you need so you can formulate a plan to stabilize and reach the finish line. Now is the time to get creative. The world is changing, and we must adapt.

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