There are many ways to build up quick cash in a short amount of time if you get creative.

In a bind? In need of a financial boost? Here are seven ways to generate quick cash in short order.

1) Become an Uber Driver.

Becoming an Uber driver is one of the quickest ways to establishing a career as an entrepreneur. You act as your own boss and set your own hours. The harder you work, the more you make.

There are not many jobs out there where you can instantly become your own boss and start making money. The entrepreneurial approach can be daunting, and in most cases,  it could be years before you start seeing a return on investment. Uber gets you in for your psychological evaluation to make sure you're a fit for their fleet and off you go, and the amount of money really depends on you, and your location, and the times you choose to serve its clients. I've heard stories from Uber drivers that they work exclusively on the weekends as the fares are highest, and there is always movement, especially in supporting cities. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the evening, there is opportunity through Uber.

2) Start a Food Truck.

Setup a Food Truck with the right offerings and you will make lots of cash quick. It does involve an initial investment. Moneda Lending can get you setup in as quick as one business day.

This one may not seem so obvious, as there is some initial investment involved. But this is the perfect situation for taking out a small loan with Moneda Lending, to give you the boost of fuel you need to cover the equipment purchases. But there are some inventive folks out there that have made great money, bringing an old family recipe to life and offering it to the masse with minimal setup. One thing to keep in mind is that there may be restrictions as to what you can do depending on your area, and the severity of your region's COVID-19 quarantine.

3) Rent an ATM Machine.

Find the right locale for an ATM machine with high foot traffic and you'll make cash fast with a minimal initial investment. Renters usually include free maintenance so it is a turnkey cash-generator.

This isn't a joke. ATM machines dish out money. You can rent one to a Mom and Pop's store that runs on cash, and get a commission on every withdrawal. Very minimal initial investment and if the machine gets rented in a high-traffic area, you are looking to make serious returns with minimal maintenance required.

4) Grow Your Own!

Replace that lawn patch with a raised-bed garden and you will have extra to sell come harvest. Or alternatively sell microgreens with a 7-10 day seed-to-harvest turn around.

Many people appreciate having a beautiful monoculture of green grass when the opportunity is available. But what about taking some of that space to grow your own fruits and veggies? And how about taking the extra that you have at the end of harvest, to sell at the local farmer's market? And if you're in need of quick cash --- you can grow seedlings and sell them to local restaurateurs. Sunflower microgreens are extremely lucrative over time, and can go from seed to sale in 7 days if you have the right growing environment. Minimal effort required with big returns.

Speaking of growing things --- do you enjoy smoking? Did you know it's very easy to grow tobacco? There are so many ways to cut costs by growing the plants you love to use on the daily.

5) Sell Handmade Crafts Online.

Certain crafts can be made in one day or less, and bring great return on investment.

A few years ago I started making my own hand creams, soaps, incense, conditioner and house cleaning products. All the tutorials are out there on YouTube. I started gifting the creams to folks and the response was so positive that I was asked to sell them, and that turned into an online store on Etsy, which is a market designed for artisans.

6) Affiliate Marketing.

An affiliate marketing account for or Ebay is free and can be setup in minutes. .

If you're looking to make quick cash you've probably heard this strategy before. Let's say there's a product you love, and you think you can sell it to others, based on your recommendations. So Amazon, Ebay, Vimeo and just about any major platform wants you to send them traffic to their sites, and they will pay you for click throughs, and if the product you recommend sells, you'll receive a commision. It's that simple. You just have to announce on your blog or in your YouTube comments that you are posting affiliate links that may lead you to earning a commission---and this way Google won't penalize you either in search.

7) Small Loans.

Applying for a small loan through Moneda Lending is fast and easier than ever. Get the fuel you need to reach the finish line with your goals.

This is the simplest way to get quick cash, in as quick as one business day after your application is approved. This is where Moneda Lending specializes; we get you up and running with the fuel you need to reach the finish line. It requires just a few minutes of your time.

These are all viable options, and you're going to need to choose what is best for you based on location and personal need. Always know, we're here for you!