We lose our skills if we do not use them. Dreams provide the spark for initiating creative work. It could be a dream of a business. Or a hobby turned pro. Some change that you've wanted, but been holding off on starting. Perhaps you have doubts. Maybe, you believe you don't have creative blood. And that's because you haven't practiced enough with whatever you imagine mastering. Everyone must practice in order to succeed with any gleen of consistency.

Be sure to add details to your dream, as it will materialize faster.

So for when you have doubts, I suggest you interview yourself, asking for proof that you are a dreamer. Then add details to the dream. And avoid pointing fingers as to why things move differently than the way you imagined in the past. There is no fault involved with this exercise. Only the addition of details: What is your definition of ease of life? Would you perhaps find yourself on a beach somewhere with a book in hand, with food roasting on the open fire? Does your reality including tasting a fine scotch on said beach? With a cube of ice to open up the aromas as they blend with the campfire? Is there a guitar playing in the background? Are people celebrating? What are they saying and doing? What does the mist from the ocean feel like? How does the moon look, reflecting upon the waters on this perfect night?

Details are the heart of story telling. We tell stories, to relate to one another. The more details we add, the more the listener gets involved, and imagines this world with you. Imagining it existing. And then you have a viable seed that's worth pursuing. The more people can relate to the dream, the faster it will come to be.

So if you dream, and keep your imagination sharp, you will eventually acquire enough knowledge to build a strong foundation for expanding your success. This goes for all things: life, love and career. But you must be willing, as Steve Jobs once said, "To crash and burn." That drive is the Dreamer's Spark, which leads to the journey of the creative soul.

Such is the road of the entrepreneur.